Web Design & Development

Fully Custom responsive web designing & development services including logo design sliders, templates and much more.


The first step in the Website Design and Development stage is Logo Design. This is most important when designing your new website. If your logo is ready for the web, that’s great! If it is not, let Simplex Technology’s design Xperts take a crack at it. We will ensure that your brand logo is the best possible representation of your business. We start with sketch concepts based on your ideas, mission, color scheme and business. Next we begin line work and coloring. From there we use your input and notes on our designs to finalize a unique logo that will make a big difference with brand recognition.


Your logo is perfect and ready to go! Next we take your brand, logo and ideas to create a design concept for your website. At this stage of design and development, we consider functionality needs, aesthetics, and the overall look and feel of your site. The web design is done as an image, which we will use to make most of the changes that you feel are necessary to create the best site for your business. Once we have your approval, we move on to Coding and Development. While not all website projects start from scratch, a site redesign typically begins with a web design mock-up as well.


Next comes the bulk of your web design project: Coding and Development. At this point, simplextechnology will take your approved mock-up and begin the process of turning it into a website. Through coding and structure, we develop a functional, user-friendly website that is ready to be filled with content-rich pages. You are given your own access to the development website so that you can monitor our progress as we tweak, test and fine tune your website until you are completely satisfied. We want you to be thrilled with the results, and excited to move on to the next stage of Web Design and Development: Launching your site!


Once we feel collectively confident and are ready for your audience to see it , we launch your new website! It is important to note that not all websites are perfect at this stage of development. There can be occasional kinks to smooth out from time to time, as your customers are engaging and spending time on your site. Simplex Technology is dedicated to keeping your site running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. That is why we offer 1 year of FREE technical support from the date we launch your new website. Whether you are in the Dr, Houston,TX 77036 area or the other side of the country, we’re confident that you will be completely satisfied with what we can accomplish for your next Web Design and Development job.